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Now then! An interesting week, particularly when Hull University Union announced a Uni version of The Fringe. 

Jon Campling, Hull's own Death Eater/King Regis delivered some superb advice at the gig. The very nature of successful Fringe is that it is edgy - a bit (or even quite a lot) risky. Take something like a barbershop quartet and get them singing Anarchy in the UK. Or dress someone up as Richard III and have them sitting in a public toilet reciting the same song as poetry in the style of Richard! You get the idea? 

So, when we've been asked what we think, the answer is simple. Come talk to us with your barber shop quartet and let's make it remarkable by thinking outside the box. If we're going to do Fringe, let's do Fringe, not a side parting.

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By Hotham
Added Feb 14 '17



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