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In Hull, there has been an explosion of amazing food and coffee places. Due to my day job, I work on the move. I have been to quite a few of cafes in the Newland area and the city centre.

Some of my favourite places are:

1) Planet Coffee - the biggest and oldest cafe down the Newland Avenue area.

2) Thieving Harrys - I love the retro feel and the messy burgers they do.

3) Nibbles - They have a new menu every day and I love feeling like a Hobbit in their premises as it is practically underground!
4) Liquid Jade - This is a hidden cafe down Whitefriargate down where the Neptune Pub used to be. The pop art and the cakes makes it worth visiting.

5) Ponti - This cafe is one of the most accessible in the city for wheelchair users, people with mobility issues and for parents with small children.

6) Coffee 31 - This cafe is full to the brim with items of Hull's past and has the most amazing decor which consists of Hull sayings. Look out for their quirky boards when you're near the old BHS building!

Note: By no means am I endorsing these places as The Hull Fringe nor am I listing them in any particular order.

What are your favourite cafes?